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Promoting destinations with Instagram and hashtags

Waaffle Team
4 October, 2016

#rottnestisland instagram content on the Rottnest Island website

With millions of holidaymakers generating new content every day, Instagram offers a rich bounty of visual media that tourism websites can harness to promote their destinations.

Personally, we like how Rottnest Island uses ’grams to complement their branded content, offering a more complete picture of the island as a holiday destination.

Storytelling from another angle

Nothing tells the story of a place the way its visitors can. With professional photography and official content, tourism boards can offer a promise of what travellers should expect upon arrival. However, branded information only ever paints a limited picture of what’s to come. Many travellers know from experience that reality can differ from what they see in the brochure.

#rottnestisland feed on Instagram

By contrast, Instagram boasts a wealth of personal storytelling, with images available to use for showing would-be visitors all the diverse ways their fellow wanderlusters can experience a destination.

Like the boardwalk before it’s cleared out for a photoshoot. Or the café meals on an ordinary day. And the sunset from places people are permitted to walk. It’s the view from a million angles, bringing authenticity to branded content.

Adding Instagram to your site with Waaffle

Monitor view of #rottnestisland content

At its most basic, all a Waaffle campaign needs is a single feed following a hashtag. This collects all public photos and videos shared with that tag. To include more content sources, set up your feed to follow additional hashtags or specific Instagram accounts.

Waaffle website widget settings

The easiest way to embed Instagram content on your site is with our website widget. Just enable it in your campaign’s Publish section, customise the settings, then copy and paste the code into your site’s HTML.

#moretocelebrate: A social media competition feat. Waaffle

Waaffle Team
15 August, 2016
#moretocelebrate competition feat. Waaffle

Celebration Homes, an Australian home construction company, runs a campaign inviting customers to share updates on their new homes as they were being built. Customers submit photos hashtagged with #moretocelebrate via Instagram and Twitter, with winning entries featured on the campaign website, More to Celebrate.

Aggregated and curated

Waaffle aggregates the tagged content from both social platforms and collates them into a single stream, letting the Celebration Homes team moderate content and hashtag spam with ease.

Monitoring the #moretocelebrate feed

The beauty of user-generated content

The More to Celebrate campaign taps into the emotional investment of building a home; the anticipation and excitement of seeing it come together. In doing so, it reflects this positivity back onto the Celebrations Homes brand experience.

At a time where audiences are aware and wary of polished studio shots and heavily photoshopped commercial photography, featuring user-generated content gives a more authentic glimpse into what a brand or service can offer. A campaign like this naturally creates brand advocates simply by giving a voice to people already excited about their customer experience.

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