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Why can’t I add certain @usernames to my feed?

Waaffle Team
16 February, 2017

Most of the time, you can add @usernames to your feed filter with ease. Other times, you fail. Don’t worry. It’s not your fault.

This doesn’t happen often, but here are the most common reasons why adding a @username might fail, and what you can do about them.

Adding a @username that doesn’t exist

Trying to add a non-existent account is an easy mistake to make. Make sure you’ve entered the @username correctly, remembering the person you’re trying to follow may have different usernames across Instagram and Twitter.

Example of users who may not use the same username on multiple platforms

Adding a @username you don’t have access to

As a content aggregation platform, Waaffle relies on the privacy structure and content permissions of the social networks it connects to. Your social media account, which you authenticated for your campaign, may not be authorised to follow the person you’re adding to your filter.

Examples of private accounts on Twitter and Instagram (used with permission)

Ensure your own account already follows the @username on the relevant social media platform, or head to your Campaign Settings and switch to an account that does. Remember: though you can view private and protected posts in the Monitor section of your campaign dashboard, you won’t be able to publish them through Waaffle.

Set up a live social media wall at public events

Waaffle Team
31 January, 2017

Waaffle social media display at the 2016 Mixin conference

One of our original intentions for Waaffle was displaying live social media content in public spaces. In most cases, the built-in hashtag search on social media platforms won’t cut it. You’d get way too much duplication if your audience cross-posts on all their accounts. Plus there’s no way to filter inappropriate, illicit and irrelevant content.

So we gave Waaffle enough flexibility and the features to easily set up live social media displays at conferences and events. Say you’ve secured your big screen and an internet connection at your venue. What comes next?

Let’s look at how you can use Waaffle to set up your social media wall.

Setting up your campaign

First, set up a campaign and add feeds to follow your desired content on Twitter and Instagram. Your feeds might include the event hashtags, along with relevant event and organiser accounts.

Social media content in the Monitor section of the campaign dashboard

Within minutes, you should see fresh content in the Monitor section of your campaign dashboard.

Sharing and curating content

Options for publishing a Waaffle campaign

The Publish section gives you the option of whether to auto-publish new posts (share by default) or manually select individual items for your wall (withhold by default).

Publish/unpublish setting for individual posts

In either case, the content you share with your audience can be curated on a post-by-post basis from the Monitor section of your campaign dashboard.

Presenting your social media wall

Waaffle gives you three ways to publish and present your social media wall, each offering different levels of control and customisation.

A Public Waaffle Board is the easiest way to get up and running quickly. Just enable the board, customise your header and background colour, then load the board URL in a web browser configured to automatically refresh every few minutes.


For more visual control, the Website Widget lets you embed your campaign on any webpage you’ve designed yourself. Once it’s enabled, you can customise the data it contains, then add it to your own branded template.


Finally, the API option supplies campaign content in its raw form via a JSON API, giving you complete control over how and where you publish. Fully customise your design and presentation, integrate interactive and IoT functionality, add a social stream to your event app — the possibilities are endless.


Promoting destinations with Instagram and hashtags

Waaffle Team
4 October, 2016

#rottnestisland instagram content on the Rottnest Island website

With millions of holidaymakers generating new content every day, Instagram offers a rich bounty of visual media that tourism websites can harness to promote their destinations.

Personally, we like how Rottnest Island uses ’grams to complement their branded content, offering a more complete picture of the island as a holiday destination.

Storytelling from another angle

Nothing tells the story of a place the way its visitors can. With professional photography and official content, tourism boards can offer a promise of what travellers should expect upon arrival. However, branded information only ever paints a limited picture of what’s to come. Many travellers know from experience that reality can differ from what they see in the brochure.

#rottnestisland feed on Instagram

By contrast, Instagram boasts a wealth of personal storytelling, with images available to use for showing would-be visitors all the diverse ways their fellow wanderlusters can experience a destination.

Like the boardwalk before it’s cleared out for a photoshoot. Or the café meals on an ordinary day. And the sunset from places people are permitted to walk. It’s the view from a million angles, bringing authenticity to branded content.

Adding Instagram to your site with Waaffle

Monitor view of #rottnestisland content

At its most basic, all a Waaffle campaign needs is a single feed following a hashtag. This collects all public photos and videos shared with that tag. To include more content sources, set up your feed to follow additional hashtags or specific Instagram accounts.

Waaffle website widget settings

The easiest way to embed Instagram content on your site is with our website widget. Just enable it in your campaign’s Publish section, customise the settings, then copy and paste the code into your site’s HTML.

How to monitor competitor social media activity

Waaffle Team
1 September, 2016

Keeping an eye on the competition is no longer enough. The popularity of social platforms means brands can build a more complete picture of their market and audience, using insights into what people are talking about.

Let’s run through how Waaffle can help, using a hypothetical example.

Breakfast Pictures is a new major movie studio wanting to keep an eye on what their key competitors are up to on social media. Rather than sift through impossibly long feeds across multiple platforms, they create a Waaffle campaign and use feeds to follow the Twitter and Instagram accounts of other studios.

Following accounts using Waaffle campaign feeds

This is the digital equivalent of collecting your competitors’ published advertising to study the way other brands operate in the industry. But why stop there when you can also tune into the conversation around product, brand and cultural activity in your market space?

By using feeds to follow hashtags as well, Breakfast Pictures can see what matters to their audience, what actions their competitors take to address those needs, and how well those actions are received.

In this example, Breakfast Pictures added current movie and film marketing hashtags to keep up with the conversation as it happens.

Following accounts and hashtags using Waaffle campaign feeds

They’ll also be able to identify brand ambassadors (users who post frequently to brand-related hashtags) and influencers (users whose posts get plenty of reactions), gaining valuable insights into audience preferences and motivations for future marketing efforts.

Listen to your audience and peers with Waaffle. Start your free trial today.

How to sign up and set up your first campaign

Waaffle Team
14 August, 2016
Waaffle signup page

We’ve made it as easy as possible to monitor social media activity from a single platform. First, sign up for a Waaffle account to start your free 14-day trial. There’s no credit card required; just fill out the form and hit the Sign Up button to begin.

You’ll be taken to your dashboard, where you can create your first campaign.

Create a campaign from your dashboard

Create a new campaign and give it a name, then add your Twitter and Instagram accounts. This allows Waaffle to connect to each platform on your behalf. Don’t worry, Waaffle can’t see your password or any other private information in your social media accounts.

Campaign settings page

You can add a custom thumbnail or let us pick one for you (which you can change later). Hit the Update Campaign button to finish creating your campaign.

Setting up your first feed

Now it’s time to add feeds and start pulling in social media posts. A feed is a stream of social media content that meets a specific search criteria. In this example, we’re adding a feed that collects Twitter and Instagram posts hashtagged with #waffles.

Monitoring social content with Waaffle

Waaffle campaigns offer a flexible structure to suit a range of uses. With just a single feed, you can follow a celebrity or brand across multiple platforms, or watch a hashtagged conversation unfold alongside real world events.

With more feeds, your campaign will help you track related topics, compare support for rival movements, or even monitor social media activity across entire industries.

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