How to sign up and set up your first campaign

Waaffle Team
14 August, 2016
Waaffle signup page

We’ve made it as easy as possible to monitor social media activity from a single platform. First, sign up for a Waaffle account to start your free 14-day trial. There’s no credit card required; just fill out the form and hit the Sign Up button to begin.

You’ll be taken to your dashboard, where you can create your first campaign.

Create a campaign from your dashboard

Create a new campaign and give it a name, then add your Twitter and Instagram accounts. This allows Waaffle to connect to each platform on your behalf. Don’t worry, Waaffle can’t see your password or any other private information in your social media accounts.

Campaign settings page

You can add a custom thumbnail or let us pick one for you (which you can change later). Hit the Update Campaign button to finish creating your campaign.

Setting up your first feed

Now it’s time to add feeds and start pulling in social media posts. A feed is a stream of social media content that meets a specific search criteria. In this example, we’re adding a feed that collects Twitter and Instagram posts hashtagged with #waffles.

Monitoring social content with Waaffle

Waaffle campaigns offer a flexible structure to suit a range of uses. With just a single feed, you can follow a celebrity or brand across multiple platforms, or watch a hashtagged conversation unfold alongside real world events.

With more feeds, your campaign will help you track related topics, compare support for rival movements, or even monitor social media activity across entire industries.

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