Set up a live social media wall at public events

Waaffle Team
31 January, 2017

Waaffle social media display at the 2016 Mixin conference

One of our original intentions for Waaffle was displaying live social media content in public spaces. In most cases, the built-in hashtag search on social media platforms won’t cut it. You’d get way too much duplication if your audience cross-posts on all their accounts. Plus there’s no way to filter inappropriate, illicit and irrelevant content.

So we gave Waaffle enough flexibility and the features to easily set up live social media displays at conferences and events. Say you’ve secured your big screen and an internet connection at your venue. What comes next?

Let’s look at how you can use Waaffle to set up your social media wall.

Setting up your campaign

First, set up a campaign and add feeds to follow your desired content on Twitter and Instagram. Your feeds might include the event hashtags, along with relevant event and organiser accounts.

Social media content in the Monitor section of the campaign dashboard

Within minutes, you should see fresh content in the Monitor section of your campaign dashboard.

Sharing and curating content

Options for publishing a Waaffle campaign

The Publish section gives you the option of whether to auto-publish new posts (share by default) or manually select individual items for your wall (withhold by default).

Publish/unpublish setting for individual posts

In either case, the content you share with your audience can be curated on a post-by-post basis from the Monitor section of your campaign dashboard.

Presenting your social media wall

Waaffle gives you three ways to publish and present your social media wall, each offering different levels of control and customisation.

A Public Waaffle Board is the easiest way to get up and running quickly. Just enable the board, customise your header and background colour, then load the board URL in a web browser configured to automatically refresh every few minutes.


For more visual control, the Website Widget lets you embed your campaign on any webpage you’ve designed yourself. Once it’s enabled, you can customise the data it contains, then add it to your own branded template.


Finally, the API option supplies campaign content in its raw form via a JSON API, giving you complete control over how and where you publish. Fully customise your design and presentation, integrate interactive and IoT functionality, add a social stream to your event app — the possibilities are endless.


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