How to monitor competitor social media activity

Waaffle Team
1 September, 2016

Keeping an eye on the competition is no longer enough. The popularity of social platforms means brands can build a more complete picture of their market and audience, using insights into what people are talking about.

Let’s run through how Waaffle can help, using a hypothetical example.

Breakfast Pictures is a new major movie studio wanting to keep an eye on what their key competitors are up to on social media. Rather than sift through impossibly long feeds across multiple platforms, they create a Waaffle campaign and use feeds to follow the Twitter and Instagram accounts of other studios.

Following accounts using Waaffle campaign feeds

This is the digital equivalent of collecting your competitors’ published advertising to study the way other brands operate in the industry. But why stop there when you can also tune into the conversation around product, brand and cultural activity in your market space?

By using feeds to follow hashtags as well, Breakfast Pictures can see what matters to their audience, what actions their competitors take to address those needs, and how well those actions are received.

In this example, Breakfast Pictures added current movie and film marketing hashtags to keep up with the conversation as it happens.

Following accounts and hashtags using Waaffle campaign feeds

They’ll also be able to identify brand ambassadors (users who post frequently to brand-related hashtags) and influencers (users whose posts get plenty of reactions), gaining valuable insights into audience preferences and motivations for future marketing efforts.

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