Stats tweaks, a facelift for feeds, and new blacklisting features

Waaffle Team
24 January, 2017

Our latest update introduces a couple of improvements to current features, as well as the ability to blacklist content from your campaign.

Tracking campaign engagement

The Analyse section of your dashboard now offers an engagement graph, tracking the likes/favourites, comments and shares within your Waaffle campaign.

New post engagement graph in Waaffle campaign stats

Just select the ‘Engagement’ option to check it out.

UI updates for feed settings

Based on feedback from our users, we’ve give the feed settings page a more streamlined interface and clearer instructions for how to customise a campaign feed.

New streamlined feed settings UI

New feature – exclude content

When you know what you don’t want, you want our new blacklisting feature. The new exclude content option lets you banish specific hashtags and accounts from your campaign feed.

New blacklisting feature

Exclusion filters will apply to all content already collected, all content you publish, and any unarchived analytics data in your campaign.

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