How Waaffle saved us hours of work

Waaffle Team
21 March, 2017

With our team still monitoring the Instagram Slideshow situation, it seemed like a good time to share a “what could have been” from our own dev diary.

We originally created Waaffle to make things easier for digital agencies, in-house marketers and individuals (think bloggers and solopreneurs) with an active social media life. This meant offering a platform for running competitions, setting up live event feeds, and tracking campaign performance, as well as providing a simple “one stop shop” for handling content over time.

So, cue last year’s APIcalypse…

The Great Instagram Update of 2016

Back in 2016, Instagram rolled out changes to its API that essentially limited the types of content users could pull into their websites, unless they had gone through the manual review process for more access permissions.

This meant if you had a big roster of client websites, you’d have your work cut out for you, updating the feed for each individual site pulling pictures from the Instagram platform. And if you happened to miss the cut-off date, you’d suddenly find yourself with a big roster of site no longer showing fresh content. Or, in some cases, not showing any content at all.

So, yeah, you can see where we’re going with this: Mea culpa. We missed the cut-off.

Faster for devs, better for the bottom line

Eventually, we got all our sites onto the already-approved Waaffle platform.

It took a little over half a day to get 15 sites up to speed. Had we set them up with Waaffle originally, we would have had those code changes and testing sorted in, well… actually, they would have just worked.

A service we use ourselves

Fast forward to 2017. Instagram’s Slideshow updates proved to us the time-saving value of Waaffle in the ever changing landscape of social media. With just a few lines of code, we prevented errors from showing up on all of our sites, and on those of our users as well.

We don’t just make Waaffle for other people. We make it for ourselves too.

And with social media penetration and engagement rising every year (and so much social activity in our side hustles), it’s great to have a single platform that can handle the administrivia (like grabbing, formatting and presenting data) on our behalf.

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