Get more from your social media.

Monitor your social content

Track what you’re sharing with your audience. Monitor your own accounts for an overview of how your brand voice shapes up across multiple social media platforms.

Keep an eye on the competition

Stay on top of your market by creating campaigns to watch what your competitors (and their audiences) are sharing. Even better, follow your partners and affiliates for a clearer picture of what’s going on in your industry.

Leverage user generated content

Attract new customers and followers with fresh user generated content, published directly to your website, showing how users engage with your brand.

Follow trending topics

Watch conversations evolve across the social space. Follow hashtags to see what people around the world are thinking, feeling, watching, supporting and buying, with built-in metrics to track audience engagement over time.

Discover brand advocates

Valuable insights that let you steer your social strategy based on the behaviour of your best advocates and influencers.

Create custom social campaigns

Add any combination of hashtag and account feeds to run a variety of social media campaigns, from collaborations to contests, event showcases to destination galleries, and beyond. Waaffle gives you an overview of total audience engagement, from one convenient platform.

Engage attendees at live events

Promote your brand with a live stream of user submitted content both onsite at event venues on online for the world to see. We provide our advanced users with a handy API offering full creative control over styling and presenting a published campaign.

Measure content performance

Follow social activity in near real-time with graphs showing spikes and falls in content popularity over days. Perfect for observing audience engagement patterns around milestones.

Run social media driven competitions

Manage competitions across multiple platforms. Collect user-created quips and photo submissions across social platforms, with options for easy re-sharing on a customisable Waaffle board, or within your website or app.

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