Simple Pricing

Just US$20 a month per campaign.

$20 /mo

per campaign

A campaign is a collection of social media feeds. Price in US dollars.

Every campaign lets you:

  • Instantly aggregate social content from Instagram and Twitter.
  • Analyse and monitor the performance of your content over time.
  • Publish your campaigns to a live Waaffle board with a shareable URL.
  • Access our API to publish your content however you see fit - eg. in competitions, status streams or live event boards.
  • Auto publish new content or manually curate feeds using in-built management features.

Commercial Support

We offer bespoke development services for custom projects. If you’re in need of more functionality or custom campaign production, contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Waaffle?

    Waaffle is a service that collects content from social media platforms. It also measures audience engagement, and publishes custom views of collected content for your websites, promotions and events.

  • What are campaigns and feeds?

    A campaign is a collection of social media feeds that can be published directly to your website or blog. Each feed can grab publicly available #hashtag and @account content from social media platforms.

  • How much is Waaffle?

    Just US$20 per month per campaign.

  • How does Waaffle use my social media accounts?

    When you create a new campaign, you’ll be asked to add your social media accounts, allowing Waaffle to connect to each platform on your behalf. Don’t worry, Waaffle can’t see your password or any other private information in your social media account.

  • How much content gets stored in my campaign?

    Waaffle typically stores the most recent 3 months of collected content, with older posts automatically purged to make room for the new. However, to ensure your running campaign never empties out, we’ll hold onto the most 200 recent posts, even if they’re older than 3 months.

  • How long will you store my campaign analytics data?

    Analytics data for a campaign is stored on our servers for a maximum of 12 months.

  • How do I get the 2-week free trial?

    Simply sign up for a new Waaffle account. Your trial will begin immediately, giving you access to all of Waaffle’s great monitoring, analytics and publishing features. If you wish to continue using Waaffle, simply add your payment details during or after the trial.

  • When do I get billed?

    Monthly, on your account billing date. Check out your billing information to find out when that is.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Right now, you can only pay via credit card.

  • What happens if a payment fails on my account?

    If a payment fails using the credit card details we have on file, we’ll wait 24 hours before attempting to bill your card again. If payment fails a second time, we’ll contact you at the email address listed in your account to let you know your campaigns will be deactivated. You’ll need to issue payment manually through your account to resume collecting new content and analytics information.

  • Can I customise my public Waaffle board URL?

    You can configure in the settings for your campaign’s Public Waaffle Board.

  • Can I use Waaffle in my app?

    We offer a fully functional JSON API developer option, letting you take control of your published campaign and integrating it anywhere. This is the best way to embed the Waaffle service into an app, branded environment or IoT device.

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